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Depositary Participant

Depositary Participant (DP)/ Demat Services

We are a licensed Depository Participant (DP) from CDS and Clearing Limited. As DP, we act as intermediaries between CDS and the investors who hold Demat account with us.  Demat account lets investors convert their physical shares into electronic copy that is centrally registerd with CDS and Clearing Limited. This eliminates the risk associated with holding a paper based shares.

 We provide the following services:

  • Dematerialization (known as demat) or converting of physical certificates of securities to electronic form
  • Rematerialization (know as remat) is reverse of demat, or getting physical certificates from the electronic securities.
  • Fast and electronic transfer of securities
  • Change of beneficial ownership (family transfer, death transfer)
  • Electronic settlement of trades done on exchange
  • Pledging and unpledging of securities for loan against shares
  • Transfer of company returns (benefits) directly transferred to the Demat and Bank account of the customer


Process of Opening Demat Account with us:

  • For Individual
    • Application form (you can download from our download section)
    • Agreement between Beneficial Owner and Depository Participant
    • Citizenship copy
    • Passport size photo
    • Bank account details of Beneficial owner


  • For Minor
  • Passport size photo of guardian and photo of minor
  • A copy of Birth-Registration Certificate of Minor
  • Citizenship copy of guardian
  • Bank account details of Beneficial owner


  • For Non-Residential Nepalese
    A copy of NRN Certificate issued by Government of Nepal for Non-Residential Nepalese.


  • For Institutions
  • Corporate Demat Account Opening form (Annexure 13 of CDS Byelaws, 2068)
  • A copy of Company Registration Certificate and PAN certificate
  • A copy of Company Management Letter (Prabhanda Patra)
  • A copy of Tax Clearance Certificate
  • A copy of Board Minute with decision to open the BO a/c
  • Power of attorney specifying the person authorized to operate the account in Company letterhead
  • Passport size photo of the account operator
  • Bank account details